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Chesterfield Registry Office Wedding with a reception at the Bondhay Golf Club, Worksop

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

I just loved this Wedding. The first for me at the new location of The Town Hall Chesterfield. If anyone has been to a wedding at the old registry office on New Beetwell Street, It served a purpose, but being positioned between the multi story car park and the bus Station wasn't ideal for everyone and as a photographer it was a challenge. I love the Town Hall its bright and airy inside with the ceremony rooms newly refurbished. The entrance to the Hall with the revolving doors and beautiful staircase has some great opportunities for photos. The steps over the road with the path leading down the hill is a lovely place to set up some group shots with the Town hall as the backdrop.


The Bondhay Golf Club

A location that suited my style of photography perfectly.

A lake, well kept gardens with meandering paths, trees, old gates, the use of a golf buggy and some fabulous grassed mounds with windmills in the distance, it just said Telly Tubby land to me! Maria the bride is on a very similar wave length to me she got it too, on a pre wedding visit we could both see the shot.

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