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About Me

Hello, this is me! I actually dislike my own picture being taken. Feeling comfortable with the person behind the camera is key to getting a genuine image.  

I'd like to think I'm quite a nice lady really, I'm generous and caring and happy making people happy, that's why I do this I suppose. It gives me huge pleasure when I have created an image that gives emotion back, I sit editing sometimes with a tear in my eye, yes, I'm emotional too!  

I live in Derbyshire and appreciate the beauty around us, you’ll find me in my spare time walking with my Labradoodle and camera, sometimes I allow the kids and husband to come along too : )

Good times with family and friends are important to me too, I'm the family member who brings the camera and snaps away at any event, they may hate me for it now, but I can guarantee they will love me for it in years to come. I'm sure you will love me too.

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